• how to take care of your skin daily skincare routine in 5 minutes 

  • how to choose correct shade and type of foundationfoundation application techniques

  • basics of contouring and corrections 

  • eyeshadow application and choosing the right color

  • how to choose and apply lipstick and blush

  • I recommend best of the best products that passed my proper examination and tests

Classes are very practical and focused on improving your skills. Each participant will go through all the steps of makeup application and basic techniques under my supervision and will receive proper feedback.

Advanced Makeup class is focused on more sophisticated techniques - eyes (eyeliner, blending, eyelashes application), foundation (contouring, shape corrections, photo makeup) and lips. 



I have often been asked by my clients whether I offer classes where they can learn basics (and later advanced) skills of makeup application and proper skincare that would make their everyday beauty routine easier. 


Thanks to my experience in the role of Training Manager for various cosmetic brands as well as natural enthusiasm to teach and mentor people, I started to offer classes for private clients too and I LOVE it!


My goal is to help women see their beauty and emphasize it with appropriate makeup that reflects their personality and style. I will guide you so that you can achieve great looks with several simple steps and feel even more beautiful and confident.